Simple Hard Money, LLC (NMLS ID#: 859120) specializes in low cost bridge loans for residential and commercial properties in Utah.


As a private-money lender, we process, fund and service loans in-house, which means less work and frustration for our borrowers.  Over 10 years of lending in Utah.  


Borrow $25,000 - $3 million+


Speed & Convenience:

  • Fast -- Close and fund in as little as 24 hours (trustee’s sales handled)
  • Same day commitments on most projects

We have participated in funding over 1,600 loans to Utah Real Estate Investors!


Minimum documentation:
  • No Income, Credit or Verification of funds    

Flexible Loan Terms:

1 - 4 Family Residences (Utah Only):
  • 2 points origination
  • 12% interest (annual simple interest)
  • Interest-only payments
  • 6 to 12 month term
  • No pre-payment penalties
Raw Land, Lots, Multi-Unit and Commercial:
  • Commercial & Milti-Unit – Up to 70%
  • Land and Lots – Up to 50%
  • Loan term up to 15 years
  • Interest-only or amortized payments

Simple Hard Money, LLC is a long-term relationship partner.  Our goal is to achieve a win-win relationship with all our borrowers.  As a result, most of our business is repeat business.


We accept loans from allow licensed mortgage brokers.  We love real estate agents too!



Jeremy Roylance

Call or Text: (801) 698-3163

NMLS ID #:286041