Utah’s Private Money and Bridge Loan Source.


Simple Hard Money, LLC
NMLS ID#: 859120


We have participated in funding over 1,700 loans to Utah Real Estate Investors!

    We specialize in funding investor loans on all types of properties.  We have funded hundreds of loans in 24 hours or less.  If you have needs for Private Funds on Utah real estate, we’d love to hear from you.  We will not waste your time – We will respond quickly and can close and funds as soon as needed.

    We are fully licensed under to S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act – Federal Registration of Residential Mortgage Loan Originators under NMLS # 869120 and with the Utah Division of Real Estate in order  to lend on “residential” dwellings in Utah. Simple Hard Money, LLC (NMLS ID#: 859120) specializes in low cost bridge loans for residential and commercial properties in Utah.


    As a private-money lender, we process, fund and service loans in-house, which means less work and frustration for our borrowers.  Over 10 years of lending in Utah.  


Borrow $25,000 - $1 million+


Speed & Convenience:

  • Fast -- Close and fund in as little as 24 hours (trustee’s sales handled)
  • Same day commitments on most projects
We accept loans from all licensed mortgage brokers on residential properties and loans from all brokers on other property types.  We love real estate agents too!



Jeremy Roylance

Call or Text: (801) 698-3163

NMLS ID #:286041